IDEAL TwinSet Design

Elegant performance: Sleek design encased by protective aluminum

Uw - Wert
≥ 0.79
IDEAL TwinSet Design

Aluplast’s IDEAL TwinSet Design profile is best characterized by its flush surface which creates a sleek smooth design while functionally enhancing the product’s weather resistance and soundproofing qualities. Internally, an integrated middle seal then helps to improve insulation, making the profile an ideal candidate to reduce energy bills. With a built-in steel reinforcement as well as our wide variety of purpose-specific glazings and durable color options, there is also large scope to tailor the profile to suit your security and design preferences and requirements.

IDEAL TwinSet Design – the details

  • Glazing: Regular glazing with a 36-58 mm pane thickness which guarantees soundproofing with a Rw value of up to 44dB, as well as thermal insulation with an Uw-value as low as 0.79 W/(m2K) (for a window sized 1230 x 1480 mm).
  • Construction depth: The profile has a 95 mm construction depth and flush design which gives it its slim appearance.
  • Sealing levels: Central gasket system with 6 chambers and 3 sealing levels featuring weather-resistant, built-in seals, including a middle seal.
  • Material: Due to sturdy aluminum external cladding, with a 10-year guarantee, protecting a vinyl base manufactured with modern additive technology, the profile is highly durable as well as lead, cadmium, and barium free.
  • Security: Highly effective basic security package with an activPilot® opening mechanism complete with two mushroom head security pins which fit the two secure strike plates. A tilt and turn malfunction lock can also be added.
  • Colors: The profile’s standard vinyl interior is available in white or a decor, and the three sealing levels in papyrus white or black. A wide variety of decors and RAL quality assured colors can then be chosen for the cladding.

Long-lasting sturdiness meets excellent energy-efficiency

The IDEAL TwinSet Design profile combines the best features of two high-quality materials, robust aluminum with modern engineered vinyl, to create a product with impressive durability, insulation, and soundproofing qualities.

Vinyl doesn’t just bring a smooth, low-maintenance interior face to the profile, it also plays a key role in terms of the product’s energy efficiency. The material is naturally insulating and engineered inside its structure are three sealing levels and six chambers which reduce the effects of conduction, for example. This protects homes from external temperatures so that interior conditions remain comfortable. In terms of measures of heat loss, when installed with suitable glazing, the profile can achieve a passive house level Uw-value as low as 0,79 W/(m2K), for instance.

Our aluminum cladding, on the other hand, which externally encases the vinyl base adds weather resistance and longevity to the profile. With the metal cladding’s 10-year guarantee and durable low-maintenance surface, IDEAL TwinSet Design becomes a true all-rounder.

This window system is a trailblazer for the perfect balance of design and performance - ideal for first time window purchases, reducing energy costs, and improving building style and quality alike.

Effective security with customizable add-ons

IDEAL TwinSet Design has an effective basic security package. The steel reinforcement and cladding make the profile very impact resistant, for example, and the adjustable fittings, supplied by the traditional German manufacturer Winkhaus, are of high-quality. In order to further enhance the profile’s break-in protection, laminated security glazing can also be selected, as can a smart home window sensor.

Tailor your profile with our wide range of design options

Aluplast’s aluclad vinyl windows are combinable with many of our selections and add-on features which bring a personal touch and have them perfectly suit different customer requirements and wishes. The vinyl interior can come in white or a range of quality wood replica decors while the cladding can style a durable RAL color, from classic white to rustic red, for example. In terms of complementary products, a matching roller shutter or traditional style glazing bars would then be further possible options – just get in touch with the team today to explore this further and receive a free quote.

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