TwinSet Energeto 5000 Series

Save Energy in Style

TwinSet Energeto 5000 Series

The Twinset Energeto 5000 takes the thermal performance of aluminum clad vinyl a step further. With Ultradur® High Speed reinforcement replacing the traditional steel reinforcement the Twinset raises the bar in terms of energy efficiency, insulation performance and value. It can easily save you money every month on energy bills and combined with custom color, glazing and security options, is the perfect all-round window choice.






Sealing Levels


Internal Chambers


Metric U-factor (W/m2K)

Details, Structure and Technology

  • 5 chamber design with three sealing levels and 21516 (75 mm)depth
  • Ultradur® inserts provide strength and insulation
  • Double and triple glazing from 1516 to 112inches (24mm up to 38mm)
  • Sound reduction of Rw ≤ 45dB
  • White interior vinyl frame and aluminum exterior available in all RAL colors
  • Extremely weather-resistant aluminum shell with innovative and durable vinyl mixtures.
  • Winkhaus hardware with multipoint locking and a range of security levels
  • Configurable up to a Resistance Class 2 (RC2) security level
  • Optional electronic lock monitoring with magnetic sensors
  • All profiles are free of cadmium, barium and lead
  • activPilot Select with discrete hidden hinges, or activPilot Comfort with parallel opening mechanism

Top-Notch Energy Efficiency in a Sleek Modern Look

The TwinSet Energeto 5000 system utilizes a durable vinyl profile clad with aluminum on the exterior, protecting and insulating it from environment and weather. Ultradur® inserts within the vinyl profile work to eliminate the effects of thermal bridging suffered by steel-reinforced systems. An added benefit of these inserts is the creation of 5 interior chambers providing excellent thermal performance.

The central sealing is an additional gasket between the casement and frame, creating a total of 3 seals across the profile. Discrete drainage slots guide water away so that even in the most extreme weather your home is unaffected.

Twinset Energeto 5000 models offer innovative technology paired with German quality craftsmanship and modern aesthetics

In the absence of an MVHR (Mechanical Heat Recovery System), trickle vents can be integrated into the frame to allow proper air circulation while retaining acoustic and thermal insulation performance. This also lowers the danger of corrosion and mold, ensuring your home always remains dry and warm. The Twinset Energeto 5000 system is an excellent balance of price, performance and aesthetics.

Multipoint Locking & Security Features

Security plays a significant role when selecting suitable windows and doors for your home. The hardware and hardware used must meet strict standards in order to provide a defense against burglary. Quality Winkhaus activPilot hardware are used to guarantee basic security, with a range of additional options and upgrades, including Resistance Class II (RC2) protection. In locations where windows are particularly vulnerable to intrusion attempts, glazing too can be reinforced with laminated and impact resistant elements.

Freedom of Design

In order to meet your personal unique tastes, the outer aluminum shell of the Twinset 5000 models can be customized using a variety of different colors. You can select from an extensive range of RAL colors and finishes.

Furthermore, visual features such as muntins can be easily integrated into your Twinset 5000 window, meaning your imagination is the limit.

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