IDEAL Design

Energy-efficient 6-chamber profile with slim appearance

Uw - Wert
≥ 0.8
IDEAL Design

A popular favorite from the Aluplast range, the IDEAL Design window profile has sleek, contemporary design meet innovative engineering. With its vinyl material base and a multi-chamber structural interior, excellent thermal insulation and break-in protection can be relied upon and even further enhanced upon customer request. Due to its versatile, modern materials, the profile also offers large scope for customizing different design elements – and all this with an impressive price to performance ratio.

IDEAL Design – the details

  • Glazing: Regular glazing with a 36-58 mm pane thickness which guarantees soundproofing with a STC value of up to 45dB, as well as thermal insulation with an Uw-value as low as 0.74 W/(m2K) (for a window sized 1230 x 1480 mm).
  • Construction depth: The profile has an 85 mm construction depth and semi-offset design which gives it its slim appearance.
  • Sealing levels: Central gasket system with 6 chambers and 3 sealing levels featuring weather-resistant, built-in seals, including a middle seal.
  • Material: Due to sturdy steel reinforcements and vinyl manufactured with modern additive technology, the profile is highly durable as well as lead, cadmium, and barium free.
  • Security: Highly effective basic security package with an activPilot® opening mechanism complete with two mushroom head security pins which fit the two secure strike plates. A tilt and turn malfunction lock can also be added.

High-quality vinyl meets sleek elegance

Aluplast’s innovative IDEAL Design profile is the result of years of experience and brings a versatile, elegant yet affordable product to the market. Thanks to the product’s durable vinyl surface and precisely engineered multi-chamber internal structure, customers can enjoy excellent energy-efficiency and soundproofing without compromising on a narrow sash and slender design.

Given this innovative combination of properties, the profile is a great choice to set a minimalistic accent for modern building façades, when installed as a window or French balcony door alike. A wide range of decor options and RAL quality assured durable colors can then also be selected from to ensure that the window harmoniously matches masonry or the front door. From timeless classic white or anthracite, to strong blues, the choice is yours.

Superior thermal insulation

Given its impact on home energy consumption and the corresponding costs and saving possibilities, thermal insulation plays a decisive role in window purchase choices.

Aluplast’s vinyl IDEAL Design window profile puts forward an impressive candidate in this respect. The six central chambers and three sealing levels, featuring a middle seal, create the ideal combination to increase profile strength. They protect buildings from external temperatures and keep water out to create a pleasant home climate, for example, which can also prevent mould growth.

In addition to the profile, glazing also plays a key role in terms of thermal insulation. For this reason, the IDEAL Design profile is exclusively available with triple glazing, which means, when looking to measures of heat loss, the profile can achieve a passive house level Uw-value as low as 0.74 W/(m2K) while retaining its slender form.

Customized break-in protection

When it comes to safety, the IDEAL Design profile system focuses on proven quality. All fittings come from the traditional manufacturer Winkhaus and convince with their craftsmanship and ease of use. The activPilot® tilt and turn opening mechanism and its corresponding fittings feature mushroom head pins which firmly slot into place on high-quality security strike plates, for example.

The profile itself also has security engineered into its structure. The built-in steel reinforcements, PowerDur® glass fiber sash inserts, and special bonding of the frame and glazing ensure stability and high load-bearing capacity. Paired with the security fittings of the opening mechanism, this prevents the window from being easily levered open from the outside by intruders.

If there is an increased need for security, it is also possible to further upgrade the profile with additional fittings and security glazing, which means the police-recommended resistance class of RC2 can be achieved.

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