Reynaers CS 77

All-rounder for comfort, safety and thermal insulation

Reynaers CS 77

The CS 77 from Reynaers is the answer to the highest demands in terms of stability, safety and thermal insulation. With its innovative concept it meets the highest European standards for sound insulation, airtightness and driving rain resistance. In addition, the CS 77 provides reliable protection against bullets and fire, which makes it the ideal choice for buildings with enormous safety requirements. Thanks to the various selectable and versatile color options, it adapts perfectly to any architectural style.

Functional design (HI)
Softline design
Block design

The most important facts about the CS 77


✔ Thermally separated multi-chamber system

✔ Available in the design variants Functional, Softline and Block

✔ Available as outward and inward opening window solution

✔ Installation depth of the entire window system: 68 mm

✔ Sound insulation according to sound insulation class 4 (42 dB), depending on glazing

Energy efficiency

✔ Uf-value of up to 1.8 W/m²K (depending on frame/casement combination and filling thickness)

✔ Uw-value below 0.95 W/m²K for a standard window (dimensions 1.23 x 1.48 m, Ug 0.6 W/m²K)

✔ Thermal break and ideal suitability for triple glazing

✔ Glass fiber reinforced multi-chamber hollow bars made of polyamide


✔ Meets high requirements in terms of bullet resistance and fire resistance

✔ Standard burglary protection of resistance class 2 (RC 2)

✔ Optional upgrade to RC 3 possible

The excellent equipment enables best building security

One of the most important properties of aluminum is its particular stability and durability. This pays off especially where windows are frequently in use: The CS 77 profile system from Reynaers is low-maintenance, easy to clean and durable. The resistance of the material also makes a decisive contribution to the security of the window, as it is virtually unaffected by violent attacks.

The second component for excellent burglary protection is the security equipment. The CS 77 meets the high criteria of resistance class RC 2 as standard but upgrading to class RC 3 can also be worthwhile, especially for commercial buildings or very high-value properties.


Resistance class RC 2

In the RC 2 class recommended by the police at least six burglar-resistant fittings are installed to prevent the window from being levered open from the outside. In addition, the window is equipped with P4A bullet-resistant glazing, so that it can resist occasional burglars using simple tools such as screwdrivers, wedges and pliers.

Resistance class RC 3

In comparison, an RC 3 class aluminum window can even stand up to perpetrators with more experience and additional lever tools such as a nail iron or crowbar. In addition to more burglar-resistant fittings, a bullet-resistant glazing of the next higher security class P5A is also used here.


Optimum thermal insulation contributes to living comfort

Today more than ever, thermal insulation is a decisive factor in the choice of the right profile system. After all, it influences both the indoor climate and the energy efficiency of a house.

Good insulation can therefore save considerable costs in the long term – both in winter for heating and in summer for air conditioning.

The CS 77 from Reynaers is designed as an advanced multi-chamber profile: Fiberglass-reinforced polyamide bars divide the profile into several hollow chambers that optimally insulate heat. In this way Uf-values of up to 1.8 W/m²K can be achieved. The combination of frame and glass pane is crucial in this case. High-quality triple glazing is therefore the best choice in order to achieve excellent thermal insulation values.


Three design variants make the CS 77 universally applicable

The CS 77 profile system offers a comprehensive range of solutions for all types of inward and outward opening windows. Thanks to its many possible combinations, including CS 77 doors, CP 130 sliding systems and Ventalis® ventilation systems, the CS 77 is therefore ideally suited to all types of building concepts – even for those with the highest safety requirements.

The profile is also available in three different design variants that can be used on windows, French doors and Tilt & Slide doors. This means that almost all imaginable building styles are covered.


Functional Design


With its distinct appearance, the flush Functional design is a true all-rounder. Whether modern glass fronts or facades with an industrial look: thanks to its straightforward form, the profile can be used in a variety of ways.


Softline Design


For whom the other variants are too rectangular, the Softline design offers an elegantly rounded interpretation of the profile. This looks unexpectedly modern and therefore fits contemporary architecture perfectly.


Block Design


The design could hardly be more minimalist than for the Block window. As the frame covers the casement frame, a smooth surface without any distracting edges is created. Large window areas thus appear even more imposing.


Individual colouring and surface protection in one

Among the great advantages of aluminum are the numerous possibilities for unique design. Especially when it comes to the choice of colors, there are practically no limits. Depending on whether you want to retain the characteristic metal look or want a strong color scheme, a distinction is made between anodising and powder coating.

Anodised colors make use of the principle of electrolytic oxidation, in which a protective layer is formed on the aluminum. If desired, a steel or bronze look can also be created in this way. Powder coating, on the other hand, uses powder paint that is burned into the surface at high temperatures. Here you can choose from the entire RAL color palette.

Whichever process you decide on: The CS 77 is thus additionally protected against weathering, scratches and corrosion.


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