Hurricane Windows

High-quality, Reliable Protection

Aluminum hurricane window systems

Impact-resistant glass

A hurricane window from Neuffer is manufactured with special impact-resistant glass which can withstand potential debris and 104 psf of pressure from high winds.

While regular windows have glazing with air between panes, the Reynaers hurricane window from Neuffer can feature laminated glass with five invisible interlayers of strong PVB polymer film.

The glazing can then also be additionally tempered to increase its flexibility upon impact. The complex technical consistency of the glass used in hurricane-proof windows means that, in the event that glass does break, it is held in place. Excellent storm protection and injury prevention are therefore provided.

With climate change causing increasingly unpredictable storms and state building regulations tightening responsively, high-quality hurricane windows and doors with heavy-duty impact glass and expertly manufactured frames are becoming all the more important. Tested to withstand hurricane-strength winds and Miami-Dade certified, aluminum hurricane windows available at Neuffer, such as the Reynaers CS 77 model, are highly water-resistant, and feature laminated glass layered with thick polymer film to help keep buildings safe.

Hurricane Windows – The key features

Installing hurricane proof windows and doors in affected areas is important because building openings become particularly vulnerable points; water can threaten damage, as can flying debris which may cause glass to break. Windows which give way may then also lead to an imbalance of pressure between inside and out, increasing the risk of roofs lifting.

Hurricane impact-resistant windows differ from regular doors and windows in that they have been purpose-built and tested to withstand severe weather and meet local regulations. Reinforced and strong, they have the following special features:

Ultra sturdy, reinforced profiles

Windows only featuring impact resistant glass are not sturdy enough to withstand hurricane strength winds; special profiles, such as aluminum and vinyl frames, are needed to encase them and keep the structure intact. With their built-in drainage system, Reynaers profiles, used in hurricane glass windows from Neuffer, provide just this as thick high-quality aluminum gives great hurricane window protection.

High water resistance

With heavy rainfall, buildings may be at risk of water damage during tropical storms and hurricanes. Our hurricane impact window is therefore framed by a purpose-made profile from leading European window manufacturer, Reynaers. This aluminum frame has been tested to ensure excellent water tightness and features special ventilation holes to balance pressure and aid drainage.

Previous customer projects with Neuffer hurricane windows

Products from Neuffer have been tried and tested in many successful projects internationally. Most recently we installed and delivered the aluminum hurricane window, Reynaers CS 77 for a Houston new-build. The CS 77 as well as our hurricane-proof lift and slide door have also been used in a Neuffer-led project in the Virgin Islands.

Further benefits of hurricane impact windows

Meet high velocity hurricane zone regulations

Many areas of the US, such as Texas and Florida, are in hurricane prone zones where buildings need to meet requirements. Hurricane and storm windows from Neuffer are Miami Dade, Florida certified (NOA No.18-1226.01 [13.08.25]) and have passed wind pressure and water penetration tests.

Increased building value and savings on insurance

Installing hurricane windows comes with initial expense but, given their importance, long-term cost savings can be made. Buildings with hurricane proof windows often lead to lower insurance costs in the US and can qualify for certain state subsidies.

Excellent insulation and energy efficiency

As well as being the best windows for high wind areas, the multi-layered make-up of thick hurricane impact glass in a storm window increases sound insulation and reduces heat loss.

The products' Uw-values, measuring the average amount of heat lost each hour per square meter, are kept excellently low, for example. This means that, with proper installation, inside temperatures remain more stable year-round, reducing heating bills and making our hurricane glass window a highly energy-efficient product.

Hurricane windows with superior security

Adding hurricane protection to buildings also comes with the additional benefit of superior security. All storm windows available at Neuffer feature impact glass with a minimum burglar resistance class of RC3. This is possible given the multi-layered, impact resistant glazing which takes much time and force to break.

In the event of potential eventual breakage, the glass remains held in place on the intact laminated foil layers which require extra tools to cut through.

Our Certificates and Awards

Made-to-measure – a wide variety of options

One of the many testing cycles allowing our impact windows to meet local regulations, involves firing wood from a pressurized canon at the product. Hurricane windows available at Neuffer are therefore highly reliable and functional. This does not mean, however, that design and personal taste are compromised.

Reynaers hurricane windows, and even whole window curtain façades, from Neuffer can be tailor-made to suit bespoke requirements.

Colors, a protective seaside coating, specific dimensions, handle type and the addition of hurricane-proof roller shutters can be discussed and selected with the Neuffer team – just click here to get in contact with our experts and explore the possibilities to receive your free quote.

Hurricane window installation and maintenance

Correct hurricane window installation is important to ensure sturdy structures, water tightness and good insulation. With stronger profiles and special brackets, the process should be carried out following hurricane specific installation methods – just get in touch with our expert Neuffer window team today to discuss the possibilities. We can arrange for and connect you with a trusted local installation team, for example, or send specialists from Germany.

In terms of upkeep, due to the sleek, durable aluminum that they are made from, hurricane impact resistant windows are low-maintenance; cleaning them occasionally with cloth and detergent will help to prevent any build-up of dirt and grime. Checking your hurricane storm shield windows' sealings for wear and tear now and then will also help to ensure buildings remain well-protected.


What certificates do hurricane windows from Neuffer have?

Neuffer aluminum hurricane high wind windows with Reynaers profiles have been rigorously tested and are Miami-Dade County, Florida certified (NOA No.18-1226.01 [13.08.25]). They have also received ANSI and IFT Rosenheim certificates confirming their strength and impact resistance.

How much do these high impact windows cost?

Hurricane impact windows tend to have relatively high initial costs due to their technical make-up but pay off in terms of protection, as well as on potential long-term savings on US insurance. As windows from Neuffer are bespoke, please get in touch with our expert team to discuss your personal requirements and wishes, such as quantity, color and handle type, and receive a free quote.

What dimensions are available?

Hurricane doors and windows available at Neuffer can be specially designed to suit a wide range of specific dimensions – just head below and contact our expert window team to discuss the possibilities and we will work with our manufacturers to meet your requests.

What are the differences between hurricane windows and hurricane window shutters?

Hurricane windows are a must to meet many local building regulations. Hurricane shutters for windows or hurricane blinds, on the other hand, are nice-to-have additions for hurricane windows. Such storm shutters for windows can provide shade and extra insulation while remaining intact in hurricane prone areas. At Neuffer, front mounted exterior roller shutters have been certified as hurricane-proof and can be added to windows, for example.

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