Front Mounted Roller Shutters

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Front Mounted Roller Shutters

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine windows without some form of shutters or blinds. In Europe, roller shutters are standard today due to their superior flexibility and functionality compared to traditional curtains, blinds and wood shutters. Roller shutters can quickly provide shade in the summer and reduce heat gain as well as improve a window's insulation in winter by up to 20%. Moreover, they have the added benefit of protecting the window from things like flying objects during a storm or tree branches. For older homes without roller shutters, or those in countries where they are still uncommon, there is a simple solution: mounted roller shutters. These can easily be mounted on the exterior for existing windows in virtually any type of building or facade. They can be painted or plastered over to blend in or painted to accent your home and give it a new look. We offer a variety of different systems that can be retrofitted with ease. 


The angular roller shutter box made of aluminum finds space in the window reveal and aligns with the facade without appearing too angular. The 45° variant creates a balanced transition to your windows and allows more light to enter. Alternatively, the system can also be installed on the brickwork.


This system is characterized by great versatility and cuts a fine figure both with different installation depths and on the brickwork. For example, the roller shutter box can be half hidden in the reveal of your window, so that only a semicircle can be seen from the outside.


Since the aluminum blind box is hidden under the plaster, you see nothing from the outside but the facade of your house. Thanks to the small barrel diameter of the roller shutter, the system requires little space and at the same time helps to save energy.


Front mounted roller shutter angular model
Front mounted roller shutter angular model
Front mounted roller shutter round model in anthracite
Front mounted roller shutter round model in anthracite
Front mounted roller shutter round model in red
Front mounted roller shutter round model in red
Front mounted roller shutter concealed model housefront
Front mounted roller shutter concealed model housefront
Front mounted roller shutter concealed model
Front mounted roller shutter concealed model

Mounting and Installation

Installing mounted roller shutters is straightforward and can even be done by a skilled homeowner. The shutter box is installed with brackets and guide rails either within the window recess, or if the window is flush with the facade, then on the face itself. Removal is equally easy though rarely necessary but does make it easy if you ever wish to replace the windows and keep the same roller shutters. 

Mounted Shutters as an Opportunity

While front mounted shutters are visible by design instead of hidden in the facade, many architects and decorators have found this to be a hidden opportunity. The shutter box as well as the individual slats themselves can be painted or decorated in a variety of colors to add new accents to your facade and give your home a new look. We offer roller shutters in your choice of RAL colors. If you'd prefer that the shutter box blend in with the facade, we offer options that can be plastered over to match and disappear in the facade, appearing as nothing more than a small awning over the window. 

Mounted roller shutters are available with three different methods of operation:

  • Belt (also called tape)

  • Hand crank via crank rod

  • Electric Motor

Additionally, every model can be fitted with integral bug screens which can be operated separately from the shutters and are invisibly stored above when not in use. 

Belt or Tape Driven

The belt or tape option was most widespread for many years. It involves a belt connected to an overhead drive wheel. By pulling the belt or tape up and down (similar to raising or lowering a flag), the roller shutters are raised or lowered. This method is simple, almost never requires maintenance and will last for many years due to its simplicity. 

Crank rod

With this option, a rod is connected to the overhead assembly with a crank on the end. By turning the crank, the shutters can be raised or lowered. This is a particularly good option for large and oversized windows.

Electric Motor

Particularly well suited for large window surfaces with heavier shutters, an electric motor is the easiest option. A small control unit by the window (similar to those for air conditioning and heating) is used to operate the shutters with the press of a button.

Roller Shutters with Integral Bug Screens

For those in warm climates or even just during the summer, adding integral bug screens allows you to easily keep windows open during the day or night without worry about mosquitoes and other bugs finding their way inside.

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