Choosing the right glazing

Although choice of glass may seem insignificant when compared to the shape and final design of windows, it is a highly functional and important decision which can save on costs and increase comfort.

As the openings in buildings, poorly insulated windows can account for a large proportion of heat loss, for example. This can, however, be very effectively reduced with modern windows featuring triple-pane glass.

The key features

As its name refers to, a triple-pane window features three panes of glass encased in its profile's sash and frame.

The space between panes is then commonly filled with a sealed inert gas, such as Argon, which is denser than air and provides further insulation. Additional thermal spacers are also often added.

This multi-layered make-up ultimately means that the window glass is extra thick and very well insulated which saves on bills related to heating or air-conditioning.

In winter, for example, heat is kept in rather than being lost via conduction to cooler exterior temperatures. In summer, on the other hand, undesirable heat is kept out effectively, helping to ensure that interior temperatures remain stable year-round.

Glazings compared

Alongside triple glazing, windows can come with single glazing (one sheet of glass) or double glazing which features two glass panes. Given the role that window glass plays in the reduction of heat loss, the greater number of panes, the more effective the insulation. Modern, high-quality windows, such as those available at Neuffer, are therefore exclusively available with double or triple glazing.

Compared to double glazing, triple pane glass used in windows leads to increased cost savings and is 40% more energy-efficient. With an additional pane and gas-filled space, the thermal U-values, which define the amount of heat lost each hour per square meter, are also improved and lower, for example.

This insulation and energy-efficiency become especially important in cold climates as well as for those with warm temperatures, where the largest savings on energy and heating or cooling costs are possible. On the other hand, however, Neuffer double glazing can be lighter to install and is around 10% cheaper than our European triple-glazed windows.


Popular profiles purchased with triple-pane glass

Further benefits

Triple-pane windows from interior

Excellent sound insulation

Just as their multi-layered make-up has triple pane windows offer excellent thermal insulating properties, the sealed inert gas and thick glass also make it harder for sound waves to travel. This means that triple-pane windows provide excellent soundproofing, reducing the effects of loud and disturbing outside noise and allowing inhabitants to enjoy peaceful interiors.

Reliable UV protection

Another benefit of triple-pane windows is that thick energy-efficient windows with three panes of glass provide the best protection against UV rays. As well as being harmful to humans in large amounts, this radiation can lead to the wear and tear of materials constantly exposed to it.

To further increase protection and insulation, triple-pane windows can also receive a thin, invisible reflective coating of low-e metal oxide.

Superior security

In general, triple-pane windows are more impact-resistant and harder for potential intruders to break through. Laminated safety glazing can then also be used so that triple-pane window panes contain a built-in foil. This should ensure that, even in the event of glass breakage, shards remain held in place on the intact foil layer, which is hard to destroy without special equipment.

A wide range of options

At Neuffer virtually all window profiles can be manufactured with triple-pane glass if desired. Varying in design and material, the windows are available in wood, vinyl, aluminum, and aluminum clad wood or vinyl. The choice of material then comes down to personal taste and requirements. While triple-pane vinyl windows are the best insulators, for example, triple-pane aluminum windows impress with their weather-resistant durability. Triple-pane wood windows, on the other hand, bring an unbeatable traditional charm – just click on the images below to find out more.

Triple-pane windows from Neuffer

Alongside our 150 years of experience in the window industry and the high-quality of our products, German triple-pane windows from Neuffer can be tailor-made to suit a wide range of requirements.

The final RAL color and handle design can be personally selected, for example. The opening type and product can also be determined, whether this be triple-pane sliding windows used in a patio door, or a tilt and turn system – just contact our expert window team to discuss the options and receive your free quote.

Made in Germany


How much do our triple-pane windows cost?

Deciding to buy triple-pane windows rather than double-pane ones tends to come with an increased initial cost. At Neuffer, however, this difference lies at only 10%, which is very small given the superior insulation, security, and savings on energy bills that can be expected. As our windows are bespoke, please get in touch with the team using the button below to discuss your wishes and receive a free quote.

What dimensions are our triple-pane windows available in?

Triple-pane windows from Neuffer are available in a wide range of dimensions. From profiles used in large patio doors with multiple glass panes to small side windows, we work to make your desired design a reality – just contact the team to discuss your project and receive a free quote.

What maintenance do triple-pane windows require?

In terms of upkeep there is little difference between double and triple-pane windows. The biggest factor affecting maintenance is rather the window profile's material. Viny and aluminum require very little maintenance, for example, only needing to be cleaned occasionally with a little detergent and water. Wood, on the other hand, requires oiling to maintain durability and resistance.

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