IDEAL TwinSet 5000

Affordable aluminum clad vinyl window with excellent thermal insulation

Uw - Wert
≥ 0.87
IDEAL TwinSet 5000

Modern aluminum clad vinyl windows are available in many different forms, from high-end products to cheaper models. With Aluplast’s IDEAL TwinSet 5000 profile, a great balance between price and performance can be relied upon as durable exterior aluminum cladding combined with an energy-efficient vinyl base pair excellent security with cost-saving insulation. Our wide range of RAL colors, decors, glazings, and further add-on options then add a personal touch to the customized final product.

IDEAL TwinSet 5000 – the details

  • Glazing: Regular glazing with a 24-40 mm pane thickness which guarantees soundproofing with a STC value of up to 45dB, as well as thermal insulation with an Uw-value as low as 0.86 W/(m2K) (for a window sized 1230 x 1480 mm).
  • Construction depth: The profile has an 80 mm construction depth and semi-offset design which gives it its slim appearance.
  • Sealing levels: Central gasket system with 5 chambers and 3 sealing levels featuring weather-resistant, built-in seals, including a middle seal.
  • Material: Due to sturdy aluminum external cladding, with a 10-year guarantee, protecting a vinyl base manufactured with modern additive technology, the profile is highly durable as well as lead, cadmium, and barium free.
  • Security: Highly effective basic security package with an activPilot® opening mechanism complete with two mushroom head security pins which fit two secure strike plates. A tilt-and-turn malfunction lock can also be added.
  • Colors: The profile’s standard vinyl interior is available in white or a decor, and the three sealing levels in papyrus white or black. A wide variety of decors and RAL quality assured colors can then be chosen for the cladding.

Sleek energy-efficiency

Aluplast’s IDEAL TwinSet 5000 profile offers the combined benefits of two quality materials, vinyl and aluminium, which lead to excellent thermal u-values and savings on energy bills. Vinyl is a naturally insulating material and IDEAL TwinSet 5000 makes the most of this with three sealing levels, featuring a middle seal, engineered into the material’s frame. These act like a thermal break, enhancing heat loss prevention and reducing the impact of external weather conditions.

Excellent thermal insulation is guaranteed thanks to three sealing levels and the 5-chamber profile structure of IDEAL TwinSet 5000 windows

In terms of the exterior cladding, the aluminum shell coating the profile also provides a further barrier and layer, improving the overall Uw-value.

Multipoint locking for advanced break-in protection

Security plays a significant role when selecting suitable windows and doors. The fittings used must meet strict quality and security standards to provide adequate protection. IDEAL TwinSet 5000, featuring Winkhaus activPilot® fittings, offers the ideal solution and guarantees a highly effective basic security package.

A range of add-ons and extra fittings, such as a tilt-and-turn malfunction lock or impact resistant glazing can then also be added to have the profile meet the anti-burglary resistance class RC2.

Customize your design

At Neuffer, customers are given large scope to personalize new windows and doors to suit exact requirements and preferences. The IDEAL TwinSet profile’s aluminum cladding can come in a wide variety of long-lasting RAL colors, for example, to harmoniously match or contrast with different building facades. Wood replica decors can also be selected, as can glazing bars which bring a more traditional touch – just get in touch with the team today to discuss this further and let your creativity flow.

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