Wood Entry Doors

Timeless Elegance and Strength

Wood entry doors offer unmatched beauty and character to any home. Wood has always been prized for its beauty and durability, not to mention the reassurance of a solid piece of wood. Neuffer offers a wide range of timber doors and with such a versatile material, they can be custom built in countless shapes, sizes, wood species, colors and finishes. Whether you favor a traditional solid oak door for your historic home or a minimalist modern style, we can create nearly any type of door to match your personal and architectural requirements.

Solid & Sustainable - Wood Entrance Doors

Neuffer offers many species for our premium entrance doors. The main focus is always on the quality of the wood, in order to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and appearance. Our assortment of options includes, but is not limited to:

  • Meranti
  • Pine
  • Larch
  • Oak

Modern wooden front doors are unique and feature different characteristics than aluminum and vinyl models. wood external doors naturally have excellent insulation abilities, which is reflected in their low U-values and not requiring internal chambers or foam. In addition, they offer high performance in terms of burglary protection.

With precision German craftsmanship, high security and premium features, our timber entrance doors will leave a lasting impression.

Colors for Wood Entry Doors


Pine 550


Pine light 325


Larch dark brown 222


Larch light 325


Meranti Oak light 325


Meranti chestnut 233


Oak 222


Oak 600

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NEUFFER Wood Front Doors

Wood in its most beautiful form

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Robust Construction for Secure Doors

Our external timber models are manufactured using a sandwich type construction. This method allows additional steel reinforcement inserts to be used inside the door. It remains invisible and has no impact on the overall U-value of the door. However, it adds another level of protection and security.

Similarly, high quality German hardware can be further selected to reach the level of security appropriate for your needs. Special hinges designed to prevent the doors being forced out of the frame are available as well as up to seven-point locking mechanisms.

Glazing Options

Wood doors can be either solid or feature glass inserts. In order to improve burglary protection, laminated safety glass should be selected for larger glazed sections.

Laminated safety glass is the perfect choice for use with large glass inserts in your door.

Laminated glass is made from two sheets of glass that are pressed and bonded together under heat. A thin layer of clear plastic material, either polyvinyl butyrate or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), is sandwiched between them. This thin film is what prevents shattering into tiny pieces and gives it the typical spider web pattern when cracked. 

Design, Shape & Appearance

Wood is an age old material that offers a myriad of customization possibilities. Whether you're building a new home or renovating a historic one, there are few limitations.  Our doors are available in the entire RAL color range as well as a variety of natural stains and finishes. 

Individual hardware also presents many possibilities for personalization including the material type (e.g. stainless steel, aluminum, brass) and finish (matte, brushed etc.). This includes handles, hinges, knobs, accents and more. All premium steel and aluminum handles are available with smooth or brushed finishes. Classic brass hardware is also available to create a traditional look for your entrance door. 

View our wood door catalog and select the right style for your home

Wooden doors are the perfect medium to customize to your exact requirements for shape, size, color, insulation, security and noise reduction. And best of all, they are not mutually exclusive! A door with excellent insulation values can easily feature top security as well. 

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