Aluplast IDEAL 7000

Energy-saving starter’s profile for renovations

Uw - Wert
≥ 0,70
Aluplast IDEAL 7000

In renovation works, improving heat insulation is mostly a key objective.  While insulating the facade plays a major part to this end, choosing the right windows is also very important. The vinyl window IDEAL 7000 of Aluplast comes with two sealing levels and either double or triple glazing and thus improves energy efficient construction. Furthermore, this modern energy-saving window provides very high noise insulation, reliable burglary protection and an individual design at a favourable price.

Essential facts

  • Vinyl window with conventional glazing
  • Energy-saving 6-chamber profile system
  • Recessed design
  • Construction depth of 85 mm for larger chambers
  • Modern sealing system with two continuous sealing levels
  • Heat insulation up to Uw=0,70 W/(m²K) with triple glazing
  • Glass pane thickness up 51 mm
  • Noise reduction of Rw ≤ 46 dB (noise protection class 4)
  • Frame with open steel reinforcement of 1,5 mm thickness
  • Basic security due to two security locks per window sash and burglar-resistant pins with closing pressure adjustment
  • Optionally, the window can be upgraded to RC-2 standard
  • Design in white or décor
  • Extremely resistant against weather damage trough plastics with modern additive technology
  • Used material is recyclable to 97%
  • Aluplast 7000 vinyl profiles are free of lead, cadmium and barium.

6-chamber system with excellent thermal insulation

Nowadays, heat insulation and energy efficiency are the most important criteria for modern vinyl windows. The IDEAL 7000 profile complies with all legal requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and generates a long-term reduction on heating costs.

Particularly in renovation, mounting an energy-saving window like the Aluplast IDEAL 7000 is highly advisable. Depending on your choice of a double or a triple glazing, a Uw value up to 0,70 W/m²K can be reached, which corresponds to a passive house standard. However, when choosing the adequate window, please make sure that the facade is sufficiently insulated as well in order to ensure an efficient overall insulation.

Safety in accordance to your own needs

The Aluplast IDEAL 7000 window is equipped with a steel reinforcement which makes it extremely sturdy. In addition to this comes a standard security equipment with two burglar-protective pins and two corresponding locks on each window sash.

However, security is an individual feeling which is perceived differently by each one of us. On this account, you may upgrade your Aluplast 7000 window by fittings meeting the requirements of resistance class RC2.

„Safety class 2 is recommended by the police and several insurances. It definitely makes you feel safe within your home.”

Unique design

Of course, besides its technical equipment, the visual appearance of a window is also important. Fortunately, vinyl is a highly advantageous material as it permits modern moulding and individual shaping. It is also very easy to clean and maintain.

However, the choice of a colour or décor has the greatest effect on the appearance of your IDEAL 7000 vinyl window. While the choice is free, the design should match the concept of the façade and your front door to create a harmonious overall image. Striking accents can be set too, of course.

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