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High-quality, Versatile Profiles for almost any Project

Aluminum or vinyl components are available in many different variations. When comparing them with wooden components, these windows prove to be particularly robust and easy to clean while requiring only low maintenance. They may be distinguished in terms of thermal insulation, sound absorption, burglary protection and their respective material. Additionally, it is possible to combine various optional features with the different window versions. 

Saving Energy with Aluplast Multi-Chamber-Systems

Are your windows saving or costing you money? This factor is often of significant importance when investing in aluminum or vinyl windows. In times of fluctuating and increasing energy costs, it has become almost a necessity to choose energy efficient windows. Insulate yourself from higher prices with top quality aluplast  windows.

This can be verified and measured using the U-value – also known as heat transmittance coefficient – measuring the movement of energy through a single element of a building such as a window or door. It provides detailed information about thermal insulation properties of windows including subcomponents like the frame and glass.

Since German-produced windows must comply with German energy savings regulations (EnEV), all aluplast components feature U-values lower than the mandated maximum of 1.3 W/(m2K). In fact, aluplast systems offer thermal insulation values between 0.75 W/(m2K) and 0.6 W/(m2K) far surpassing Energy Star requirements. 

Aluplast windows are known for providing excellent insulation at affordable prices. The vinyl profiles made by the company combine energy efficiency with the high quality standards of aluminum components, available in the following models:

  • IDEAL 5000S
  • IDEAL 8000S
  • Energeto 5000ED
  • Energeto 8000ED

Multiple Aluplast profiles are suitable for passive houses, as certain models easily surpass the 0,8 W/(m2K) requirement of the passive house standard.

Saving Energy with with Center Gasket Systems

Aluplast systems are often equipped with a center gasket system, effectively supporting the thermal insulation. All aluplast products show excellent energy efficiency. Aluclad vinyl models featuring these include:

  • TwinSet 5000
  • TwinSet ENERGETO 5000
  • TwinSet ENERGETO 5000ED
  • TwinSet 8000ED

The center gasket system separates the space between the inside and outside seals into two areas: A warm and dry area on the interior side and a cold and wet one on the exterior side. This technology helps to optimize heat transmittance values.

Five chambers ensure superb heat transmittance values. Adding a sixth chamber at an installation depth of 85 mm additionally improves frame stability as well.

Superior Security via Multipoint Locking

Aluplast windows feature top quality activPilot hardware and locks by Winkhaus, and are all Made in Germany. These offer the necessary burglary protection with two mushroom cams and security strike plates. It is even possible to hear the quality of the hinge by the clicking sound made as they engage. Many models can be further improved with additional features, such as:

  • Improvement up to Resistance Class ll (RC2)
  • activPilot Select, hidden corner and stay bearings
  • activPilot Comfort, with parallel positioning technology
  • Magnetic contact sensors for electronic lock monitoring

Choose features for your aluplast windows and customize it to your specific needs.

Sound Reduction in Aluplast Windows

The most common source of outside noise disturbing residents in their homes is old windows. Older models with an absorption value of 25 decibels (dB) feature sound absorption almost 1000 times lower than a solid masonry wall featuring protection against 55 decibels.

Modern aluminum clad windows feature excellent sound protection between ≤ 37 dB and ≤ 45 dB. The recommended sound level for living areas is between 15 and 30 decibels  and between 20 and 25 for bedrooms.

Double or triple glazing and frames with multiple internal chambers can help ensure appropriate acoustic insulation for modern windows. The following table shows the effect of noise protection measures in different areas.

Custom Designs for an Individual Look

Aluclad and vinyl windows are available in plain white, with an aluminum shell or with decors. Available decors such as woodgrain can be applied to both the vinyl as well as the aluminum cover.

In order to perfectly match new windows and doors with existing facades, all models can be ordered in any color in the RAL range. Unleash your creativity and individually design your new aluplast windows.


Decibels (dB) Village or suburb: 60 dB City: 70 dB Busy road: > 70 dB
Rw ≤ 37db Noise pollution: 23 Noise pollution: 33 Noise pollution: > 33
Rw ≤ 45db Noise pollution: 15 Noise pollution: 25 Noise pollution: > 25
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