Aluminum clad wood doors combine the benefits of two excellent materials into one high-quality product. With cozy, sturdy wood encased by durable exterior aluminum, alu clad wood offers customers excellent energy-efficiency and bespoke low-maintenance. In terms of design, the smooth, contemporary aluminum cladding exterior provides an equally perfect complement to the traditional wooden textures visible on the inside. This has both the building interior and facade benefit from an aesthetically pleasing upgrade.

The advantages adding an aluminum clad exterior to wood

Choosing new windows, patio doors or front doors during new-builds or renovations can be a tricky decision, involving numerous trade-offs. Vinyl is often the most affordable option, for instance, while aluminum is the toughest. Both require little maintenance. A wood door, on the other hand, offers bespoke patterns but requires more upkeep. The decision doesn't have to be one of either-or though.

As a composite combination, aluclad timber doors can provide an ideal middle ground by offering:

  • An impressively elegant design
  • Good thermal u-values
  • Strong weather-resistance with minimal maintenance
  • Durable protection

Neuffer's modern aluminum clad doors are constructed in Germany and can be customized with a wide range of options to ensure that each product meets the highest quality control standards as well as individual customer requirements.

Aluclad front doors are more than just the sum of two elements. Much expert experience and engineering are involved in their creation. Mounting an aluminum clad layer directly onto the wooden window frame would lead to issues with vapor diffusion, for example. As this could lead to a lack of contact between the metal shell and wooden interior body, the aluminum used in our products is anodized, powder-coated and treated with lacquers during manufacturing. This ensures a secure fit and enhances the door's durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Customization options for aluminum clad doors

At Neuffer, customers have much design freedom to create a bespoke solutions, tailored to individual projects and style preferences. This begins with the choice of profile, whether a sliding patio door or custom French opening, and can continue to the glazing, color and hardware as well as possible window rails or side panel add-on elements – just get in touch with our team today to discuss the possibilities further and have your new product match your home's design.

High-performance for guaranteed durability

The anodized and powder-coated outer metal surface of an aluminum clad wood frame is impact-resistant and helps to protect the wood beneath. The cladding has also been designed with effective rainwater drainage in mind.

Unlike a pure wood exterior which requires regular oiling, an aluminium coating brings the additional advantage that dirt can be easily removed with a wet cloth. Neither the metal shell of alu clad doors', nor any built in glass panel windows require much maintenance. This ensures the long longevity of an aluclad wood door's performance and its sleek, resistant surface while saving customers time and money.

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Natural charm and optimal well-being

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Colors and finishes for aluminum clad doors

All our front and patio doors are available in a wide range of weather-resistant RAL colors but aluminum cladding adds the further option that the metal exterior and visible wood interior can be customized separately. Options here include pure RAL paint colors, natural wood stain options, and replica timber decors which can be selected to complement or contrast one another. You can choose to leave the interior as it comes or opt for a darkening contemporary stain like mahogany, for instance. The cladding could then be an external white or feature a matching mahogany or cheery woodgrain foil to give both sides a uniform look. Whether elegant or bold, our front and patio doors can be tailored to fit your home's design.

In addition to standard shaped doors, at Neuffer we also supply custom shaped models. These can be also combined with additional side panels and transom door windows which help to brighten interiors by creating an inviting and light atmosphere. Whether you are replacing patio doors or working on a new project, our wide variety of options mean your new door can be transformed into a bespoke final product, perfectly tailored to your needs.

Adding glazing to doors with aluminum cladding

Choosing a front door with glazed panel windows ensures plentiful supply of natural light and adds character to the final design. Although front door panel windows are smaller than full alu clad windows or patio door fronts, the choice of glazing still plays a key role when it comes to break-in protection and energy-efficiency. When argon filled triple glazing and warm edge spacers are selected, particularly low Uw insulation values can be achieved, for instance. This means that interiors remain comfortable as they are well protected from external temperatures.

In terms of break-in protection, customers can also request that glazing is manufactured to include foil sheets. In combination with our doors' quality fittings, multi-point locks and fingerprint locking options, this laminated safety glazing hinders break in attempts and can have doors acheive a high burglar resistance class of RC2.

Hardware & Fittings

Aside from longevity, one of the main advantages of aluminum clad wood is security. Our doors offer multi-point locking and can be upgraded to Resistance Class II (RC2) if desired. Moreover, they offer the latest technological advances including remote entry and fingerprint technology.

From multi-point locking to keycard entry and fingerprint scanning – the security options are endless.

Laminated safety glass should be installed on the outermost pane at least in order to provide an added layer of security and make breaking the glass difficult. All of these options and more are available and can be configured individually for you. With the range of security features our doors feature, burglars will be looking elsewhere.

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