Energeto 8000 Model

Passive house certified energy efficiency with a premium design

Uw - Wert
≥ 0.78

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Energeto 8000 Model

With its 338 inch profile depth, six chambers and carbon fiber reinforcement, the Energeto 8000 is designed for new construction whose goal is excellent insulation values, including Passive Houses. Although vinyl doesn't begin with the same natural insulating properties as wood, advanced German engineering and manufacturing techniques enable the Energeto 8000 profile to achieve an R-value of 7.3 with triple glazing and warm edge spacers. Vinyl is more robust and requires little upkeep from homeowners. The use of multiple chambers and carbon fiber instead of steel make this vinyl profile both environmentally friendly and easy on your purse strings.






Internal Chambers


Sealing Levels


Metric U-factor (W/m²K)

A Detailed View of the Energeto 8000

  • Passive House certified
  • Double and Triple glazing up to 178 (48 mm) provide U-values of up to 0.14
  • Carbon fiber reinforced Ultradur® inserts reduce thermal bridging
  • An installation depth of 338 (85 mm) ensures larger chamber systems, improving overall insulation
  • Fully bonded glazing for added thermal performance
  • Quality Winkhaus hardware provide a range of security levels up to RC2
  • European style Tilt & Turn opening
  • Triple weather seal system guarantees improved insulating properties
  • Available in numerous RAL colors and wood decors for both interior and exterior
  • Environmentally friendly - lead, cadmium and barium free


First-class Thermal Protection with Multi-Chamber Systems

The larger profile of the Energeto 8000, with its increased frame depth, makes effective use of the multi-chamber design principle. By utilizing innovative carbon fiber reinforced inserts, internal chamber volumes are optimized all without the disadvantages of thermal bridging from steel inserts. Fully bonded double or triple glazed units allow Energeto 8000 windows to achieve excellent passive house certified thermal Uw-values.

Multi-chamber technology and a range of glazing options to achieve R-values of 7.3

Practically no design restrictions

A huge range of options allow the Energeto 8000 to be customized to individual projects. You can choose from a wide selection of colors and decors for both the inside and outside of the frame, including different colors on each should you desire. Further upgrade options include acoustic insulation glass, concealed hinges, ornamental glass and higher security levels (resistance classes). In addition, Energeto 8000 windows can also be equipped with roller shutters, providing further privacy and burglary protection. 

If these many customization options weren't already enough, vinyl profiles are available at lower prices than wood and aluminum clad options while offering superior thermal performance!

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