Aluminum Clad Vinyl Lift and Slide Doors

Premium Performance at Affordable Prices

Neuffer's lift and slide doors offer large glass surfaces, save valuable space and are manufactured from premium materials. They are the perfect solution for maximizing sunlight and enjoying large panoramic views of the outdoors. Aluminum excels at both standing up to the elements and maintaining its great appearance with minimal upkeep. Vinyl, probably the most widely used material today, boasts excellent insulation abilities and functionality. Together, they provide a premium, modern look for your facade, with great energy efficiency, virtually no maintenance and all at a budget-friendly cost.

Overview & Advantages

Enjoy huge uninterrupted views of your garden or property with a lift and slide door. They are a fantastic addition to any home, adding open space and flexibility to any room. Lift and slide doors link patios and gardens to your home and enable your family to move in and out with ease. Moreover, aluminum clad vinyl offers a excellent value for your money thanks to the combination of two complimentary materials. Advantages include:

  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • High security with tough exterior aluminum shell
  • Easily open large sashes with one hand
  • Available in the entire RAL range colors and decors
  • Durable: vinyl is weatherproof and requires extremely little maintenance
  • Saves space with no swinging or folding leafs

Neuffer offers a range of aluclad vinyl frames to create your individual sliding door design. Each one offers a unique set of insulation and security features. Whatever your choice, all will be custom built to match your existing home or the style of your new one.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Since all of our aluminum surfaces are anodized and thus corrosion-proof, there is virtually no need for regular upkeep. The same applies to the vinyl frame. Compared to wood, they can remain in like-new condition for a long time with only minimal maintenance. Occasionally wiping down the frame and glass with a wet cloth is about as difficult as it can get!

Your Choice of Colors

Vinyl aluminum frames can easily be tailored to your individual needs with the entire RAL color scale at your disposal. For the aluminum, the chosen color is then applied via powder coating while special foils are applied at the factory directly to the vinyl frame.

All colors and finishes are applied at the factory. Aluminum surfaces are anodized and powder coated while special foils are applied to vinyl frames. Both provide additional resistance to scratches and increased weather resistance.

Reliable Burglary Protection & Security

Given its synthetic core, aluclad vinyl doors are already quite robust, easily resisting outside force and providing excellent protection against burglars. However, the additional exterior metal shell improves this even further. 

Large glass surfaces can be a potential vulnerability depending on their location. A second or third floor balcony door presents little risk while ground level doors should be configured with further security options. These include multipoint locking, shootbolts, locking handles and concealed hinges. Laminated safety glass should be installed on the outermost pane at least in order to provide an added layer of security and make breaking the glass difficult.

High-performance Insulation 

Since most of the doors' total surface area is glass, your choice of glass plays a major role in overall energy efficiency, U-values and security. With external doors, it is important to ensure that energy is not lost, whether that be cool air in summer or warm air in winter. Choosing double or triple glazing will go a long way towards ensuring this as will optional non-conductive warm edge spacers and argon filling between panes.

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