Elegant Gable Windows

Extend your View with Style

By their nature, gable windows are usually custom built and dependent on the framing, roof slant and size of your home. Not to be confused with dormer windows which are located in protrusions from the slanted part of a pitched roof, gable windows sit on the sides of a home just beneath the roof. All of our windows are custom built, 100% made in Germany and tailored to your size, color and material requirements.

Choosing the Right Material for your Window Frame

Whether for a conservatory, orangery, dormer or a simple gable, you have the choice between four different material options. Your choice of window materials plays a large role in determining the insulation properties, color options, maintenance requirements, security and cost. There are wood and vinyl, or aluminum clad versions of both.

First and foremost, it is important to select a material that either matches your existing facade, or appears to match it. We offer windows in the entire RAL color range making it easy to find the specific color or shade you need. Next, each material offers a different mix of advantages of strengths.

The most common today, vinyl is best thought of as a blank slate with a myriad of configuration options. It does not begin with the same natural insulation ability as wood for example. However, as a material, it is by far the most flexible and easy to work with. Modern engineering and designs enable multiple internal chambers in the frame with the option of foam filling that can far surpass wood. 

Wood is a natural insulator and proven material through history. It offers the most character and beauty of any material and excellent durability with proper care. Each species of wood features a slightly different insulation value, toughness and appearance providing homeowners a great deal of flexibility as well. We offer many species, including but not limited to walnut, cherry, pine, larch, eucalyptus, meranti and more. 

Aluminum combines a sleek modern look with extraordinary strength and long term durability. It is used to clad either our wood or vinyl frames, boosting their weather-resistance, insulation value, security and appearance.

Gable Windows in Custom Shapes and Sizes:

Gable windows come in a variety of shapes based on their location and local architectural styles and traditions. These include

  • Rectangular and square
  • Circular and ovular
  • Triangular
  • Arched

Neuffer offers bespoke solutions in the size, shape and material of your choice to meet your project's requirements, whether renovation or a new build. This includes matching blinds whether they be pleated blinds or roller shutters since curtains tend to obstruct the view and be impractical.

Energy Efficiency with Modern Technology

Gable windows are no different than any other when it comes to energy efficiency and insulation and benefit from the same advances in technology and manufacturing as the rest of our products. All of our windows and doors come with a minimum of double glazing although we generally recommend opting for triple. The price different is often insignificant, particularly in light of the improved U-value and lowered energy bills in the long run.  

Safety and Security

Since gable end windows are typically located on upper floors, they are often not at much risk of being broken into. However, use common sense so that if window is easily accessed by standing on a lower roof or climbing a tree, it should also feature improved security. Choosing multipoint locking with additional mushroom cams around the frame is a good start. Laminated safety glass to protect against impact (e.g. smashing or striking the glass) is a further option.

If safety is a bigger concern than security, due to young children for example then opting for a tilt-only window could be a great choice. Your room still benefits from the added light and ventilation without having to worry about the danger of someone falling out. 

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