Insulated Windows

Save energy and reduce costs with modern innovation

Solar radiation

Poorly designed windows can leave homes vulnerable to large entry of solar ultra-violet and infra-red rays. This can wear materials and objects that receive regular exposure. In warm climates the radiation can also be an undesirable source of heat.

With expertise in these potential pitfalls and designing energy-efficient windows, at Neuffer all window profiles are German high-quality and custom designed with maximum insulation in mind.

When considering the term insulation, fiberglass used in roofs or foam may be more likely to spring to mind than windows. Insulation, however, is a key element engineered into modern high-quality windows available at Neuffer.

The impact is evident too –think of the retention of heat when hot coffee is contained in a thermos rather than a standard mug, for example. The difference between regular and insulated glass windows is similar. In the case of buildings, however, this can lead to large differences in utility bill savings, a reduced carbon footprint and superior solar protection.

How are energy efficiency and windows related?

As the openings in buildings, up to 30% of a building's energy can be lost through windows. Inefficient windows can therefore lead to the following issues:


Glass which has not been specifically designed with insulation in mind can be quite a thermally inefficient material. Conduction, the process by which heat moves from hot to cold due to temperature difference, can therefore occur. This can lead to heat loss in winter or cold climates and unwanted entry of warmth in summer or hot climates.

Air drafts

During hot weather or in warm climates worn seals or gaps between the window sash, its frame and the wall can cause unwanted warmth to enter and cold air to escape. The opposite then applies when it’s cold outside – warm air escapes and cold drafts can blow in. Whether it's hot or cold outside, comfortable interior temperatures can therefore become destabilised, and heating or ventilation bills often increase as a result.

Insulated windows – the key features

Able to be tailored to all climates, modern purpose-designed insulated windows from Neuffer can cut utility bill costs and save energy with their excellent thermal performance.

Energy-efficient double or triple insulated glass

Virtually all of our window profiles are available with energy-efficient double glazing and triple-pane glazing, featuring two or three glass sheets to achieve energy savings. The thick make-up of triple insulated windows, for example, reduces heat transfer via conduction through glass.

Filled spaces between insulated glass panes

In our high-quality double or triple-pane insulated windows, the spaces between the glass panes are filled with inert argon rather than air. Argon is an odourless atmospheric gas that we inhale daily and is 38% denser than air as well as 67% less conductive.

A little like the difference between walking through air compared to sand, argon is an ideal filler, which, depending on the climate’s conditions, slows travelling heat from unnecessarily escaping or entering.

Thermal insulated windows therefore save energy which reduces the use of heating or ventilation systems and their associated costs.

Thermal spacers and chambers

Energy efficiency in modern windows can not only be found in the glazing but also in the profile frame encasing it. This ensures that windows are airtight, helping to prevent drafts and condensation. Impressive profiles for super insulated windows, such as the TwinSet Energeto 8000ED, feature 6 built-in chambers and thermal spacers between insulated glass panes, for example.

This helps to reduce the window's U-value, the amount of heat lost each hour per square meter, to a market-leading 0.73 W/m2K. Interior temperatures therefore remain at a comfortable standard, leading to excellent energy efficiency and comfortable living.

Additional low-e coating

Whether installed as insulated basement windows or used in full glass French doors, insulated windows can also feature a thin invisible coating of reflective metal oxide. Ideal for both hot and cold climates, the coating can both reflect unwanted incoming heat away from buildings and bounce escaping necessary heat back into interiors. The coating also helps to prevent the entry of harmful UV rays without compromising on an abundant amount of incoming daylight creating bright and welcoming interiors.

Popular insulated windows

Products and profiles

We offer different kinds of insulated windows. Our insulated house windows are available in differently shaped profiles and a wide range of materials, including vinyl, aluminum clad vinyl, wood, aluminum clad wood, and aluminum. With something for everyone, the choice comes down to personal taste and requirements. While vinyl windows are the most energy-efficient, for example, aluminum impresses with its weather-resistant durability and wood brings traditional charm.

Design options

A wide range of options

Whether you are after replacement insulated windows or are working on a new-build project, our windows can be tailor-made to fit your requirements.

The exact RAL color finish, handle design and opening mechanism can be personally selected, for example – just contact our expert window team to discuss your wishes and receive a quote.


What are insulated windows?

To give a brief definition, insulated windows are those that have been purposely designed for energy efficiency and the reduction of heat transfer. Featuring special built-in additions such as multi-pane glazing, profile chambers, thermal spacers, low-e coating and gas filler, these products are ideal for all climates. Depending on the conditions, they work to keep undesirable heat out or prevent necessary warmth from escaping – the ultimate aim is to maintain a steady interior temperature and maximize comfort.

How much do insulated windows cost?

With many different types of insulated windows for cold weather and warm temperatures alike, products from Neuffer are affordable given their high performance. In general, insulated vinyl windows will be more affordable than our aluminum clad models. Because our custom insulated windows are tailor-made to suit customer requirements, please contact our team using the button below and share your project to receive a free quote.

What dimensions are available?

High-performance windows from Neuffer are available in a wide range of dimensions. From window profiles used in large balcony doors to small side windows, we work to make your desired design a reality – just get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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