Kitchen Windows

The Perfect Blend of Function and Aesthetics

Kitchens are at the heart of every home and a focal point for socializing and daily activity. Custom kitchen windows are a great way to add style, natural light and a touch of individuality to any house. Whether a large center window in front of the sink or something to match the existing architecture, Neuffer can craft a bespoke window for your kitchen which also offers excellent energy, security and acoustic performance.

The Ideal Window for your Kitchen

Windows provide light to work, necessary ventilation and of course a feeling of openness to the kitchen. The ability to vent moisture from boiling pots, excess heat from the oven and especially smoke from that olive oil left to heat up too long, means that proper ventilation is critical. Whether you're a master chef or master microwaver, a minimum of one window is essential to clear smoke, steam and strong smells so they don't waft through the door into the rest of the home.

Frame Materials

The best material for your kitchen windows will depend on their location and the existing architecture. Windows near a stovetop will be subject to constant moisture and heat whereas those in front of the sink will have it much easier. Low maintenance and moisture resistant frames made of vinyl (uPVC) have proven themselves to be an easy to clean, energy efficient and great all around solution for kitchens and bathrooms.

Neuffer offers four different material options:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluclad timber
  • Aluclad clad vinyl

wood remains a timeless choice and vinyl the most budget friendly. Aluminum cladding on the other hand, offers an excellent way to complement other materials. We use a heavy duty thermally broken aluminum shell attached to the window frame. This ensures long term durability, weather resistance and good looks on the exterior with the benefits of either vinyl or wood on the interior. It even allows for dual colors ensuring the window matches both the facade and interior design.

Window Style and Design

Whether you want an eye-catching accent or something simple, the location of your window and surrounding countertop and appliances will partially dictate the design and decor. For example, inswing windows and counter top level would knock over items or be blocked by things such as a toaster or kitchen sink. Adding a lower transom easily solves this problem by having the operable casement higher up. Alternatively, we offer windows with a tilt-only function which also solve this issue.

Depending on your personal preference, local custom and space, we offer both inswing and outswing model windows. Outswing models however, cannot offer a tilt function.

A tilt only bottom transom is a great ventilation option that doesn't require much space or interfere with nearby objects. 

Finally, we offer bespoke windows in a variety of shapes. Think beyond rectangular! Whether an elegant arched window over the kitchen sink or lush garden window, we can work closely with you to custom build windows in the design of your choice for any room. Window muntins (also called grilles or divided lites) can be individually configured to match existing historic homes or add a touch of style to new ones.  

Kitchen Blinds & Roller Shutters

Standing in front of the sink or stove for long periods of time means not wanting to be blinded or baked by the sun's light. The amount of space you have in the window area is usually a big deciding factor in the type of shade chosen. A simple valance will keep high angle sun from blinding you while cooking. Window curtains are often the simplest window treatment but often impractical in kitchens due to space limitations or nearby objects. Roman shades and pleated blinds can be good solutions since vertical blinds are stored at the top of the window and a valance can even keep them out of sight if desired.

Roller shutters, while not as traditional, offer an excellent range of features. They are external and require no additional room in the kitchen itself. They won't knock anything over or partially obscure your view when not in use. Moreover, they offer better security, weather resistance and insulation for your window meaning lower energy bills, less worries and less upkeep over time. 


The frame is not the only important component of a modern kitchen window but the glass too. Proper glazing is important for both energy efficiency and ensuring comfortable and consistent interior temperatures. We offer a minimum of double glazing but generally recommend triple nowadays.  They offer the added benefit of improved noise reduction, particularly important in urban areas or kitchens facing the street.

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