The Modern Pivot Window

Space-saving Windows offering great Ease of Use for Airing and Cleaning Purposes

Long common in attics and roof windows, pivot windows are enjoying a renaissance among modern homeowners. They offer a sleek, minimalist and eye-catching profile that defines the entire space around them. They are suitable for a range of a uses whether as exterior or interior windows and can be designed to pivot along a horizontal or vertical axis. They are a popular choice among contemporary architects and can be customized to the same level as any standard window including material, glazing, color and more. Create a unique facade with new pivot windows!

Design and Function

A pivot window is essentially an ordinary casement window with another opening mechanism. Here, the casement - the movable part featuring the glazing - is not side-hung on hinges like a door. Instead, it pivots from the middle either vertically or horizontally from hinges mounted in the center of the frame. Roof windows also feature the option of a higher pivot point to create more space for standing directly in front of them. 

When opened, the catches on the casements are released, allowing it to pivot. This does mean that it is not possible to have a tilt option as is standard with regular casement windows. The advantages of pivoting compared to swinging include:

  • Easy opening and closing
  • Slim sight lines
  • Increased security when opened
  • Low space requirements

Pivot windows are not limited to roof windows or even rectangles. Circle and oval pivot windows are a very popular option as well as door sized windows which can be used to enter and leave the home. 

Ease of Use

Pivoting systems offer a major benefit relative to ease of use. As their casements are mounted on a central axis, operating them requires less effort than opening or closing traditional casement windows - horizontally swinging ones in particular. Naturally, this is particularly noticeable with very large pivot casements. The casements have an integrated counter-balance and usually do not require any additional mechanism to hold the window in place.

Pivot windows aren't just easy to open, they're incredibly easy to clean! 

The pivot design also provides an overlooked advantage for ventilation and air flow. As an opened pivot casement essentially divides the window into two distinct areas, airflow can naturally enter on one side and exit on another. 

The Solution for Smaller Spaces

The pivot window is an ideal fenestration solution for situations requiring space-saving measures. This is true in terms of the space required to open the casements as well as the installation area required. 

Insulation, Energy Efficiency and Security

Like all of our products, pivot windows feature a range of energy saving options. They are available in standalone wood and vinyl as well as aluminum clad versions. We offer double glazing as standard though generally recommend triple as well as the use of warm edge spacers to achieve high levels of thermal insulation. Our synthetic and aluminum clad frames feature built-in thermal breaks and multiple seals to maximize weather performance and durability. 

In security terms, the pivot function provides a hidden benefit. Since the hinges are mounted in the center, it is far more difficult to break the lock or glass and enter through the space. Both fixed and operable windows can be fitted with laminated safety glass, particularly those at ground level and large enough for someone to fit through. Additional security hardware including locking points are available and can be discussed with one of our international sales representatives. 

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