French doors are an attractive alternative to sliding or folding patio doors and are ideally suited to more limited spaces. Our vinyl French doors can be built in both contemporary and traditional aesthetic styles with a wide range of custom glazing types, hardware, colors and sizes. Whether you want arched doors, muntins, different colors on each side or maximum security for a ground level door, we can custom craft a solution to fit your project. Moreover, with some of our advanced vinyl frames, you can still opt for doors with large glazed surfaces and reach Passive House values!

Why Choose Vinyl French Doors

Modern French doors are a charming addition to any home adding style, open space and flexibility to any room. Without requiring a large opening, they can connect balconies, patios and gardens to your home enabling your family to move inside and out with ease. Moreover, modern vinyl French doors offer excellent value for money thanks to a host of innovative design and performance features. The advantages include:

  • Energy: Great thermal performance up to Passive House values
  • Security: Easily upgraded with additional hardware
  • Versatile: Tilt and turn functionality for ventilation
  • Simple: Faster and easier to use than sliding doors
  • Colors: Available in a range of RAL colors and decors
  • Sizes: Easily built to custom shapes and sizes
  • Durable: Vinyl is weatherproof and requires extremely little maintenance

With additional features like Georgian muntins and shapes such as arches, they can be custom built to match your existing home or the style of your new one. Neuffer offers six different vinyl frames as a base for your door, each with a unique set of insulation and security features.

U-values & Thermal Performance

With glass comprising most of the overall door surface, it is important to choose the appropriate glazing for your desired energy-efficiency needs. Standard frames like the IDEAL series will provide good performance for your average household and be a step up from older and domestic windows. The Energeto series is targeted at those aiming for excellent U-values and looking to maximize their energy savings. We offer both double and triple glazing options, various warm edge spacers and optional argon gas filled spaces between panes. The distances between panes can also be changed to provide larger gaps capable of better insulation.

Finally, the frame itself still plays a major role in the overall values. That is why the Energeto series is designed with multiple internal chambers and carbon fiber reinforcement in place of steel, to avoid thermal bridging. Finally, internal chambers are filled with precision high pressure throughout the entire frame to further boost its insulating value and achieve even Passive House performance.

Strength & Security

Large glass surfaces can be a tempting target for intruders. This is why Neuffer offers high security vinyl French Doors with a multitude of options for bolstering their strength. Ground level doors should be toughened and fitted with some or all of the following options:

  • Multipoint locking
  • Locking handles
  • Shootbolts
  • Concealed hinges
  • Laminated safety glass

Laminated safety glass should be installed on the outermost pane at least, in order to provide an added layer of security and make breaking the glass difficult. It is typically found in vehicle windshields, storm windows and other areas requiring impact resistance. No glass shards are created if it is broken. In addition, the multi-chamber profiles of vinyl frames are extremely difficult to pierce or break apart. Roller shutters are another option which can be installed and offer the benefits of improving security, insulation and privacy simultaneously.

Designed & Built Just for Your Project

Each of our frames provides a base on which to build your custom French door. Thanks to its flexible attributes, vinyl is very easy to process thus available in many shapes even as doors. Arched French doors are a great example.

White vinyl is a thing of the past. Today's French doors are extremely flexible when it comes to color selection. While it cannot be painted directly like timber, the entire RAL range is available as are decorative foils which can mimic woodgrain or aluminum. This not only gives you countless color options, but has the added benefit of further protecting the exterior frame from weather wear and minor scratches. Finally, you also have the choice of selecting a different color on the outside and inside.

Low threshold or barrier-free flush thresholds are also available whether to assist the elderly, prevent children from tripping or to just make life a little easier.

A further vinyl frame option is our aluminum clad vinyl. The addition of aluminum cladding gives the exterior a clean modern look, protects it from UV rays and weather and boosts security and insulation values yet further.

Durability & Maintenance

With vinyl, you won't have to spend much time to keep your new French patio doors looking beautiful. Unlike wood, there is no regular repainting or refinishing to do. An occasional wipe down with a wet cloth will suffice. Like vinyl windows, they will never rot, rust or require painting - music to the ears of homeowners.

With multiple seals and the toughness of vinyl, you'll be protected from drafts and water infiltration. Advanced energy-efficient glazing with low U-values will ensure you aren't losing heat and thus money. Finally, adding roller shutters will further reduce upkeep and the effects of weather while also improving overall security, insulation and privacy too.

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