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Aluclad Wood Systems

Our stunning aluminum clad wood French doors offer the combined benefits of timber and aluminum. The time-tested performance of wood provides strong energy-efficiency as well as warmth and character on the interior of your home. Outside, a tough aluminum shell offers excellent weather resistance protecting the wooden frame. That means little upkeep and no regular repainting for you. Each side is individually customizable with a variety of colors, stains and finishes for a bespoke solution to your needs.

Why Aluminum Cladding & Wood?

Alu-clad wood French doors are made of solid wood frames with large glass panes. Additionally, they feature an aluminum shell mounted on the exterior surface. This means that the wooden frame is visible on the interior while the exterior face is entirely covered by metal. The advantages of this configuration are:

  • Unmatched elegance inside and out
  • Excellent thermal insulation compared to either material alone
  • Fantastic durability by combining two highly resilient materials
  • Great torsional rigidity and warp-resistance when opening or closing
  • Very low maintenance requirements

While the price of common vinyl seems attractive compared to higher end models such as these, this is a classic case of getting what you pay for. Spread over multiple decades, our aluminum clad wood profiles will still be saving you energy costs, upkeep costs and replacement costs well into the future giving them an excellent price-performance ratio. Inexpensive domestic alternatives will last half the time and never stop costing you.

Thermal Performance and U-values

Solid wood needs no additional help, complex internal chambers or additional foam to provide great insulation and U-values. Mother nature has already ensured that. Nevertheless, the aluminum cladding gives it a further boost improving the U-values overall.

Yet, with glass taking up the larger percentage of overall surface area, your choice of glass is still critical as the glazed surface will contact the air most. We recommend triple glazing with low Ug-values for the best energy efficiency and to stay ahead of rising building efficiency standards. The spaces in-between individual panes can be additionally filled with argon. It is more resistant to temperature changes than air, leading to reduced heat loss and better U-values.

Two Materials, Double the Security

One of the main advantages of aluminum and wood is security. Since patio doors are a favorite target of burglars and a frequent weak point, they are usually fitted with at least one layer of laminated safety glass, burglars will often try the frame instead. Luckily, the combination of solid timber and metal means they'll have to look elsewhere.

All cladding offered by Neuffer is anodized for excellent corrosion resistance.

With secure hardware installed, our French doors are able to resist a wide variety of different methods of intrusion. For example, the weight and strength of wood and aluminum makes trying to lift the door out of the frame very difficult. Moreover, the metal cladding also provides superb protection against any attempt at breaking a section of the frame itself. And while nothing can guarantee perfect security, the considerable challenge posed by aluclad wood means thieves will move on to easier targets. After all, the longer the time a burglar needs, the greater the risk of being spotted by neighbors.

Aluclad Wood Doors for every Occasion

All of our French doors are available in a wide range of RAL colors and aluminum cladding means even more options. Both the exterior cladding a well as the interior facing wood can be customized individually. This includes both paint colors and natural finishes for the wood  as well.

Special decorative foils can also be chosen in woodgrain if you'd still prefer the door to have a uniform look on both sides. Roller shutters and bug screens are also available. Roller shutters in particular, add to doors’ security, privacy and practicality.

In addition to standard shaped doors, we can also design custom shaped doors as well as sidelights, transom windows and more. Whether you are replacing doors, creating an addition or building a new home, our huge selection options can be transformed into a premium bespoke door to match your project.

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