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The natural beauty and character of wood make it a perfect match for classic French doors. When open, they provide a seamless and beautiful transition to your garden or patio. When closed, they radiate elegance while saving energy and providing security. Available in both contemporary and modern looks, they add style, natural light and open space to any room. We offer a range of customization options including many wood species, finishes, sizes and shapes. You don't have to compromise one feature for the other with a bespoke solution from Neuffer.

Classic Doors with Modern Upgrades

Modern wooden French doors are a charming addition to any home, adding style, open space and flexibility. Without requiring a large opening, they can connect balconies, patios and gardens to your home, enabling your family to move in and out with ease. Despite the rise in popularity of materials such as fiberglass, vinyl and aluminum, wood remains a beloved and popular choice for windows and doors. It offers natural insulation and unmatched beauty while also being renewable and fully recyclable. Its advantages include:

  • Great thermal performance
  • Tough, secure and weather resistant
  • Tilt and turn functionality for ventilation
  • More natural light than standard doors
  • Available in a range of RAL colors and decors
  • Many custom shapes and sizes
  • Increased curb appeal and home value

With additional features like Georgian bars or special shapes such as arches, our doors can be custom built to match your existing home or the style of your new one. wood French doors are made-to-order and delivered prefinished to you.

Insulation & Energy Efficiency

wood is already a great natural insulator. It is a soft material, absorbing heat, cold and sound waves effectively whether hardwood or softwood. With the choice of special options for how your door is glazed, you can optimize U-values and energy-efficiency by selecting double or triple glazing. While technically doors, they still benefit significantly as they are essentially large casement windows. This is true whether glazed for thermal or acoustic insulation, or both.

wood is already a great natural insulator and adding double or triple glazing only gives it a further boost. We offer the choice of up to three panes. Both the panes and air gaps between them resist the movement of energy from one side to the other, whether thermal energy (i.e. heat or cold) or acoustic (e.g. external noise such as traffic or barking dogs). These gaps can additionally be filled with argon, a noble gas which is less conductive than air, and thus superior for insulation purposes. All of these combined along with the frame help to reduce noise and energy loss while increasing U-values.

Security and Burglary Prevention

Solid timber provides a strong and durable frame for any style of patio door. But of course, the area most critical is obviously the large glass surface. Your choice of how it is glazed plays the biggest role. Luckily, we offer multiple configurations of laminated safety glass. 

This type of glass if commonly found in automobiles and consists of two sheets of glass that are pressed and bonded together under heat. A thin layer of clear material, either polyvinyl butyrate or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), is sandwiched between them. This ensures impact resistance and that the glass remains together when struck. We offer multiple pane thicknesses as well as the option to employ it on exterior, interior or both sides of your patio door.

Additional security hardware is available and includes concealed, hinges, multiple locking points and more.

Design your own French Doors

Whether hardwood or softwood, inswing or outswing, rectangular or arched, Neuffer will work with you to turn your vision into reality. As with all our products, we start with a range of wood species to choose from including: meranti, oak, larch, pine, spruce, eucalyptus and many more.

All our wooden French doors come prefinished and available in the entire RAL color range as well as natural stains and finishes. Muntins are also available to match your home's historic look and your personal taste. In addition to standard shaped doors, we can also design custom shaped doors as well as sidelights, transom windows and more. Whether you are replacing doors, creating an addition or building a new home, our huge selection of options can be transformed into the exact door you're looking for.

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